Metatron is a leading edge technology to scan and screen your body vibrations.

Thousands years ago in China, the people stopped to pay their doctor when they got sick, so the doctors focus was to keep their patients healthy. This was called the medicine of health.

Than we drifted to the medicine of illness: Somebody will wait to get sick to search for a cure and spend a lot of money to suppress the symptoms of the disease. The body / mind disconnection have emphasized this phenomena living against the natural law.

Now the medicine of health is back with technology assisted evaluation of health. It is not mainstream, but develops in numerous private clinic, Spa, sport medicine and for energy practitioner worldwide.

The benefit of this system are numerous:

  • Spot the deficient area within minutes by a simple reading from the device,
  • Improve your overall health condition by natural means,
  • Improve sportive performances by balancing your endocrine system,
  • Confirm your intuitive feeling about what is good for you or not,
  • Prevent any illness to appear by early detection and correction.


By keeping healthy, we live a better life.

In a few minutes you can get a clear picture of your body, organs and cells condition.

Know which of them need more attention and care, instantly compare the frequency match with natural herbs or homeopathic preparation. Also to create a personalized homeopathic preparation to support a specific organ or your overall energetic body function.

The Metatron system is an exploration device working by detection of the very weak magnetic currents around the brain. With 20 years of researches and development on this field, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics build a database of the major pathology, medicine and natural remedies and compare it with the reading of the patient.

We offer Metatron system service to help you get your health to the top.