Enter into the energy world / Connect your body and mind

Welcome to the information platform on training courses available! We offer multiple approach helping people to achieve their enlightenment. Each method is unique, efficient and complementary with the others.

You may need a bit of taste for adventure, and to feel ready for some mind blowing experiences. You can expect from theses modalities to give you from a powerful method of relaxation to a full access to transcendental state of consciousness.

Our view on energy training:

Our universe is full of wonder and impressives aspects. From one side you have the theoretical understanding, and on the other side you have practical experiences.

When physics and intellectual assessment try to measure and quantify the physical and nonphysical phenomena, metaphysics are to describe the facts going beyond our comprehension.

It makes sense that something don’t need to be totally explainable to be experienced. This is what chinese medicine is doing for five thousands years and thanks to quantum physics, modern science just start to understand its mechanisms.

Our strenght is to balance the understanding of energy sciences between the logical left brain and the emotional right brain. As a yin and a yang, one allow the other to exist.

Balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition is requested to align oneself and you will get there at your rythme.

Accessing a spiritual experience is very easy and blissful. For too long spirituality have been discredited and neglected.

What is spirituality we can ask? This is my definition of it:

When you realize that every single object and every living being is maintained by a force, you realize that this force is alive. Permanently creating and recycling its creations. Just after that you realize that every phenomena, interaction between objects and living beings is also being a force, or you may say a spirit. Spirituality is than just the interaction between your spirit, your innate birth force, and other spirits of your environment, which may be other human, animals, plants, planet, stars, physical and nonphysical.

You resonate with this force and create new interactions, you are now more than a human because you have realized that you are also this force that is everywhere and in all things. It is like a second birth, it is called the awakening.

We provide dogma-free experiences, and not interfere with your actual belief or religion for the sake of your freedom.

We address to peoples:

  • Interested to discover the fabulous world of energy,
  • Determined to improve their practice of healer,
  • Willing to get back the freedom in their life to celebrate it,
  • Looking for a quick and efficient way to develop their sensitivity,
  • Ready to go further in the understanding of the non-physical world,
  • Needing a simple technique to relax and feel better,
  • Wanting to get back to health from natural healing,
  • Curious to get to their full potential in life,
  • Loving to embrace many ways to spirituality, free of dogma and religion.

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