Massage thaï

Kewalee (Aor), masseuse Thaïlandaise certifiée par l’union des Associations de Médecines traditionnelles Thaïlandaises, vous propose de découvrir son métier :

Le Massage Traditionnel Thaïlandais est à la fois un art et une science âgée de plusieurs millénaires, transmis de générations en générations jusqu’à nos jours.

C’est une technique thérapeutique qui réduit les douleurs et amène à la […]

Energy therapy Healing

Energy therapy is very powerful, we can change energy pattern and quickly unlock any blockages.

It is different than Reiki because here we guide the energy. We direct it the way we want it to be. Usually the energy healing session are shorter than Reiki but cost more as the practitioner have to make specific meditation […]

Metatron Healing

Metatron is a leading edge technology to scan and screen your body vibrations.

Thousands years ago in China, the people stopped to pay their doctor when they got sick, so the doctors focus was to keep their patients healthy. This was called the medicine of health.

Than we drifted to the medicine of illness: Somebody will wait […]

Reiki healing

Reiki is a energy therapy which come from Japan. The practitioner will assist your body energetic vibrations to balances and harmonize.
Like you will do with a musical instrument, you can adjust your body vibration to an harmonious state.

Laying of hands or at a distance, the effect of Reiki natural energy therapy are very impressive.

The thing […]